A Brief History…

Areech was founded in the early 21st century, by G, a designer and developer from Earth. G has been making websites for over 10 years. He worked at two Fortune 500 companies creating internal web applications, and as his craft improved, he looked to strike out on his own. So G started Areech with the goal of helping organizations both small and large to break away from generic, templated sites and establish an authentic presence on the web.

What clients are saying:

“My firm hired G to develop a web site from start to finish. G met with us and listened to our goals and ideas and he came to the table with many ideas of his own. He was responsive and knowledgeable and helped us put together a site that is professional in the best sense of the word, and also a website that felt like us. After our site was launched, G gave us the tools to update the site as needed. I’ve called G since launching the site (I’m not all that tech savvy) and he was gracious and helpful. I would recommend G without hesitation.”

-- Lina Beckford, Beckford Law

“G’s extraordinary attention to detail, work ethic and flexibility provided our organization exemplary service. His broad knowledge base allowed him to tackle and successfully complete projects for which he had little direct experience. His ability to think through requirements and technical issues allowed our team to schedule work completion more accurately. Above all he was extremely professional and a pleasure to work with.”

-- Justin Carlson, Policy Communications

“Areech was a wonderful help in the redesign of our website! We had people calling our office within the same day the redesign was launched! They not only liked the look of our website, but how easy it as to navigate. I would definitely use Areech for any updates or future designs!”

-- Bill Hillen III, Hillen Corporation

“G is a quality web page designer and business person. He is very open and helpful to customers who are not fully vested in the technology. His work is easy to deal with and the creative portion of the designs are very good. He has a great future in the business.”

-- Bob McIntosh, Evergreen State College (STARangers project)

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